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 GEM Tattoo Studio



    Caring for your tattoo is primarily common sense. Make sure to keep it clean by washing it three times daily, especially for the first couple of weeks. This is the most important thing you can do for your tattoo during the healing process. Below you will find aftercare instructions, but keep in mind that every one heals differently based on several factors including the status of their immune system, environment, skin condition, etc.

Remove the bandage 3 hours before going to bed and wash off the Vaseline using liquid soap ( no bar soap) warm water using the palm of your hand ( do not scrub or use sponge or wash cloth) and then pat dry. Leave it dry for the first night meaning do not use any lotion.

Start washing your tattoo next day 3 times daily on regular basis for the next two weeks. Remember the idea is to clean the surface of your skin using soap and water and not to deep clean it by scrubbing.

In the morning and night time after washing, apply a pea size amount twice daily of either Lubriderm unscented or a water based hand or face lotion. Rub it gently onto the skin until it is absorbed and doesn’t look shiny.

Do not scratch if itchy and do not pick the scab if any, let the scab dry and fall naturally. During the two weeks of the healing do not dip your tattoo in the water, i.e. stay away from baths, hot sauna, swimming pool or lakes.

If you have pets at home, depending of the location of your tattoo, please cover it with a loose item of clothing such as socks, a long sleeve shirt or pants (no bandage).

Stay out of the sun until your tattoo has healed completely. Apply sun block to protect your tattoo from ultraviolet rays which can fade your tattoo.

Any questions or concerns regarding your tattoo, please email me either through my website or to [email protected] .